Turpin Pond Source

Turpin Pond Source offers an in-store location for all of your pond and plant needs.  Anything from do it yourself pond and pondless waterfall kits and fountains, to fish and pond water treatments or plants and gardening supplies.  We have everything you need to service and maintain your pond and garden, and who better to talk to then someone who is in the field everyday!

Water features become the focal point of any garden with their melodious sounds and naturally attract a variety of birds and butterflies.  They transform outdoor living space into a beautiful paradise where you can relax, unwind, and enjoy quality time with family and friends. At Turpin Pond Source we are dedicated to helping our customers create and maintain their outdoor lifestyle.  Whether you just stop by or attend one of our classes, we work to educate our customers.  We teach you how to work with Mother Nature, not against her, and how to build it right the first time.  By working with Turpin Pond Source, you will be able to construct your own, low maintenance, natural looking oasis.

In addition to finding supplies, here at Pond Source you will find ponds, waterfalls and fountain displays to enjoy, and together we can help you to decide what type of water feature is best for you.  We have the passion and experience with all styles of water gardens along with a full array of supplies to help you achieve success and enjoyment of our favorite hobby!

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