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Turpin Pond Source offers an in-store location for all of your pond and plant needs.  Anything from do it yourself pond and pondless waterfall kits and fountains, to fish and pond water treatments, plants and gardening supplies.  We have everything you need to service and maintain your pond and garden, and who better to talk to then someone who is in the field every day!

What is Turpin Pond Source?

  • A beautiful outdoor showroom
  • A physical store to purchase supplies for your water features and gardens
  • Where classes and other social functions are held

In addition to finding supplies, here at Pond Source you will find ponds, waterfalls and fountain displays to enjoy, and together we can help you to decide what type of water feature is best for you.  We have the passion and experience with all styles of water gardens along with a full array of supplies to help you achieve success and enjoyment of our favorite hobby!

We also offer a wide variety of plants for your water gardens and landscape beds.  Our staff can help you with most of your water and garden questions.  We are open every Monday through Friday 8AM-4PM, we centrally located near Hibernia Park and Wagontown, Pennsylvania.  Sign up to receive our email newsletters to learn more about new plant introductions, new product arrivals and timely tips!

Read more about our plants, our show room and how to order pond supplies

The Turpin Landscaping Team aims to not just meet, but to exceed your expectations by adding beauty and value to your home. You can contact us at 610.380.1119


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