Turpin Landscaping’s Fun Days in Mexico

Mexico City, Tianguistenco,; Tenancingo, Toluca, Los Cabos & Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

a photo 1Hola! Jason and I are back from visiting our terrific Turpin Landscaping Crew in Mexico and had the extreme pleasure of meeting their families. Everyone was extremely hospitable and showed us a great time. They were disappointed that Chad couldn’t join us on the trip and are already talking about our next trip.

IMG_0050We flew into Mexico City and traveled to Tianguistenco to stay at Alfredo’s house and hung out with his brother Raul, their wives and children for a couple of days. We visited the house that Raul is building and Pasqual was there ready to lay tile with two of his sons. Raul has picked up on some architectural features here in the States that he in incorporating in his new house from exterior details to creating closets in bedrooms.

IMG_0083Their town’s historic church dates back to 1679 and the immensely detailed elements are incredible! During this day of walking around town we also visited the man who was making the windows for Raul’s new home, and silly me thought we were going to a factory, which was not the case at all! This uncle of theirs is actually a school teacher that does metal fabrication in his backyard that is a work of art. All of the arched windows require precision craftsmanship. Not only were we amazed by all of this, we got to celebrate in their home too, which even had a planter box area converted to a bar! This guy is really a genius!

IMG_0194Together with Raul and Celi, Alfredo and Irma, Jason and I made the trip via taxis to Tenancingo to Teo’s house. His wife Cristina and other family members had a feast for lunch waiting for us. I’m just guessing that the time Teo spent previously on our mowing crew when we used to cut grass gave him incentive to have the greenest plot of lawn we saw while in Mexico! That afternoon we went to see the house that Teo is building, which although under construction trees have already been planted which ranged from Palm and Bougainvillea to Magnolia and others. We also went to Crisoforo’s casa.

IMG_0170Always within view was the iconic monument of Tenancingo, The Cristo Rey or Statue of Crist. From town 1800 stair steps lead to its base, but we took the scenic drive over the mountains with views of floral greenhouses for miles, and had a shorter climb at our destination. We were surprised by how mountainous this region was and realized quickly that traveling is more difficult than which we are accustomed. These people work hard the old-fashioned way and we were astonished to see enormous tree stumps being removed by hand!

IMG_0310Next we went to Heriberto and Nancy’s house where we spent the next three nights. We spent time with the rest of our crew and their families and enjoyed bond fires and a lot of laughs! We went site seeing at the Grutas de la Estrella which appeared to be like a state park with a huge cavern and what felt like a thousand steps to descend before entering, only to climb again to exit; but so worthwhile. There are various activities here such as zip lining but we stuck to the foot tour this time!

Still we had not seen enough of the outdoors, so we all went as a group to a remote destination for which I have no name, with a picturesque stream with waterfalls which we explored. River rock gravel is scarce in this area and collecting pebbles for decorative use was fun. It didn’t take long for some socks and shoes to be removed to enhance the experience!

The food was delicious and the drinks were plentiful, which with terrific company made for a wonderful time! When we got up at 3:30 am on Saturday morning to get to the airport in Toluca to fly to Cabo, Santos and his family were in the living room waiting to see us and brought me a beautiful locally handmade rebozos, which is a multi-functional scarf or shawl. It was so thoughtful and touching and when his sons hugged me I cried. We thought they said goodbye and left but quickly returned with a ceramic parrot for me too from the boys. Yes, I cried more. It was so emotionally touching to meet all of these wonderful people and spend time on their turf without the responsibilities we share at home.

This story ends here for now, and the trip to Los Cabos is next. I’m sure pictures don’t depict this entire experience, but still wanted to post them for our family and friends both here and in Mexico! Adios!

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