Rainwater Harvesting Systems

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Rainwater harvesting system by Turpin Landscaping

Rainwater catchment — or “harvesting” — is an ancient practice involving collecting rainwater from a roof or other surface before it reaches the ground and storing it for future use. Not only do today’s rainwater harvesting systems provide significant environmental, social and economic benefits, they can add beauty to your backyard too!

10 Components of Rainwater Harvesting System

  • Rain Filter.
    Will capture and remove a variety of pollutants that may be flushed into the system during a rain event. The incoming water passes through a coarse filtration screen that removes leaves, twigs, and seeds. The water then enters the main chamber where smaller suspended particles are captured in a fine mesh which can easily be removed for cleaning. Approximately 15 gallons of the initial flush of highly polluted water is held in the lower portion of the rain filter allowing it to slowly seep out of the specially designed holes over a 24 to 36 hour period. After the initial flush, the cleaner water will travel to the modular storage basin to be filter further
  • Connecting Pipe.
    The rain filter is fitted with a 4″ corrugated drain pipe adapter that carries the water via gravity to the main storage chamber.
  • Modular Storage Basin.
    The main storage basin’s modular design can be configured to fit a wide variety of applications and settings. The storage basin is a series of modular plastic tanks that are assembled on-site. The tanks are then encased within an EPDM rubber membrane creating a water-tight basin.
  • Snorkel™; Vault & Centipede™; Module.
    Allows access to the pumps and plumbing assemblies. The efficient design allows for optimum water utilization within the system and a convenient access point for yearly maintenance and cleaning.
  • High Efficiency Pumps.
    Re-circulation is critical for the overall health and quality of water within the bank. Submersible pumps carry out this function 24 hours a day, insuring optimum results. The same pumps can be utilized for the delivery of water to your landscape; a booster pump may be needed to achieve the desired pressure.
  • Flexible PVC.
    50-100 foot lengths along with the flexible nature of the pipe allows for an easy installation with minimal head pressures, which equates to overall efficiency.
  • Overflow Infiltration.
    In the event of excessive rainfalls, the extra water is sent to an infiltration area through a 2-inch restrictor. The key is allowing adequate time and a high ground to water surface ratio. This facilitates the infiltration of water into deeper soils and aquifiers.
  • Biological Filter.
    Aquascape’s BioFalls Filter unit is the quintessential up-flow through the layers of filter media, beneficial bacteria and enzymes will reduce organic wastes and pollutants to less toxic substances that can be absorbed by plants, thereby creating a perfect cycle of nutrient re-use.
  • Aquatic Plants.
    Aquatic Plants are an important ornamental detail of a well-designed water feature, while at the same time providing food and shelter for a great number of birds, insects and amphibians. In fact, these marginal aquatic zones are the most productive ecosystems on the planet and are the cornerstone for maintaining our biodiversity.
  • Irrigation System.
    Using the stored water from within the Rainwater Harvest Storage System is not only beneficial from a financial standpoint, it’s actually better for your plants. This natural water is loaded with micronutrients and compounds that will make your plants and grass flourish. A healthy garden consumes more greenhouse gases and properly irrigated soils allow for greater water infiltration and better overall soil profiles.

Rainwater harvesting diagram

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