Ecosystem Ponds

Ecosystem pond by Turpin LandcapingOur ponds are low maintenance ecosystems where fish and plants interact in a gorgeous environment. Unlike  other ecosystem ponds you may find, Turpin Landscaping strives to create water features that appear to be a natural part of your landscape. Our most valued compliment is when it is said that our pond looks like it has been there forever, even though it was recently installed. By using local stone sources, liners are hidden and colors blend into your environment.

Additionally, Turpin is one of a few contractors who use fish caves, or places for your fish to hide from predators increasing their likelihood of survival. Turpin Landscaping is a Master Certified Aquascape Contractor and our Technicians have completed the Aquascape Academy Program.

Learn the truth behind the most common lies about your koi pond!

The Turpin Landscaping Team aims to not just meet, but to exceed your expectations by adding beauty and value to your home. Please call Turpin Landscaping at 610.380.1119 for all your ponds and water garden needs.

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