Ponds and Watergardening

Ponds and Watergardening

Services include:

  • Ponds maintenance, spring clean out and winter preparation, (string) algae control, predator control
  • Ponds planning, pond design and pond building (we are pond builders) 
  • Pondless Waterfalls design and installation
  • Boulder fountains design and installation
  • Decorative accents for your water garden
  • Rainwater harvesting/Recycling systems
  • Aquatic container gardens part sale or complete installation
  • Pond lighting (surroundings and underwater)

Imagine, sipping morning coffee beside your own beautiful pond in the front yard or the backyard that Turpin Landscaping has created for you.  There are endless possibilities when creating a pond or water feature to add to your landscape.

Ponds invite nature to blossom into your own private paradise.  They also create natural screening for privacy and traffic noise.  Soothing and relaxing sounds help you unwind, and beautiful seasonal changes allow you to enjoy your outdoors. Ice formations are fascinating to watch as they continually change.

Looking from the inside out on a rainy or cold snowy day is an opportunity missed for those who don’t have a pond or waterfall to gaze upon.  Even at night, the illuminated pond is mesmerizing to see.

Our ponds are low maintenance ecosystems where fish and plants interact in a gorgeous environment.  Unlike many other ponds you may find, Turpin Landscaping strives to create water features that appear to be a natural part of your landscape.  Our most valued compliment is when it is said that the pond looks like it has been there forever, even though it was recently installed.  By using local stone sources, liners are hidden and colors blend into your environment.

Additionally, Turpin is one of the few contractors who use fish caves, or places for your fish to hide from predators increasing their likelihood of survival.  Turpin Landscaping is a Certified Aquascape Contractor and is part of the Water Garden Excellence Program.  If you’re interested in any type of water feature please contact us for a free video and brochure.

We offer the complete line of Aquascape Pond Products for the health of your pond and water features. We will gladly special order any products from the catalog that are not on hand in our store for you.

Benefits of a water feature:

  • Water features attract birds and wildlife to your backyard and entire property
  • The surroundings of your water feature offer great entertainment options
  • Enjoy the smoothing sounds of flowing water
  • Combined with a rainwater harvesting system it offers a great and ecological way to water your landscaping

Call us at 610.380.1119 for your pond and water gardening needs or to update your present system to improve the aesthetics and increase the value of your property while improving your home and business appeal. If using a contact form is more convenient for you, please use the contact form on our contact page and we will contact you to schedule a free and no obligation appraisal.