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Spring is simply the most exciting time of year, especially for Pond Owners!  As things slowly awaken from their winter dormancy, there are some tasks you can do to ensure your water feature gets off to a good start in the spring.  Does your pond need a full cleanout this season or does it just need to be tidied up a bit and have the filtration components cleaned?  If there is a layer of crud at the bottom of the pond, it is a good idea to do a full cleanout.  On the other hand, if your pond was built towards the end of last season or only has a small amount of debris that can be stirred up easily a captured with a net and the water looks clear, you may be able to skip the entire cleanout for a season and do a partial instead.

What is involved in performing a spring cleanout?

  • Drain the pond, reserving a significant amount of water in a holding tank
  • Remove fish and place in an aerated holding tank that is netted to prevent escape
  • Pressure wash pond from top to bottom and remove dirty water and debris
  • Clean filtration system and components
  • Be sure to add pond detoxifier to the pond water before transferring fish
  • Slowly allow fish to acclimate to change in water temperature while reintroducing to their clean home
  • Add Pond Starter Bacteria to jumpstart the pond ecosystem

There are some more things to consider while performing a cleanout, such as making sure supplies and equipment are on hand.  Often gravel from the streams and upper shelves of the pond end up on the bottom and needs to be adjusted, as do any rocks or boulders that may have become loosened during the process.  If your fish do not have a cave to hide in when necessary, this is the perfect opportunity to offer them protection from potential predators.  Edges of the liner and liner surface should be checked to see if it needs adjustment.  Filter mats or brushes and IonGen probe should be checked to see if they need to be replaced.

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When the pond is empty it is the best time to check lights or add new fixtures.  Excess plant material is easier to remove at this time.  Fertilizing and/or dividing hardy aquatic plants such as water lilies may be done more easily while the pond is drained too.  Whether Turpin Landscape’s Pond Maintenance Division cares for your pond or you choose to do it yourself, supplies such as filter mats, water treatments, and high-quality fish food are available on the Pond Maintenance Trucks.

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