Fall Maintenance

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In the fall, ponds collect more debris because hardy aquatic plants stop their growing cycle and deciduous trees shed their leaves.  Those of you with skimmers will most likely need to empty baskets and nets frequently, maybe even daily.  To avoid this chore and prevent leaves from accumulating and decaying in the pond, Turpin Landscaping offers a Fall Maintenance Service which includes pruning plants and installing pond netting to prevent problematic issues.

What needs to be done to the pond in the fall?

  • Cut back hardy aquatic plants
  • Remove tropical aquatic plants
  • Install pond netting over arched PVC plastic pipes
  • Cleaning filtration equipment or performing a pond cleanout is offered as an option.

The most important thing to realize is that as the air and water temperatures cool down, plants and fish slow down, and so should feeding.  Stop fertilizing plants and more importantly, stop feeding fish once the water temperature is below 50 degrees.  Fish do not digest food in cooler weather and continuing to feed them is harmful.  Keeping your pond clean with minimal debris prevents decaying matter from discoloring the water and minimizes production of gases that can affect fish when the pond freezes over in winter.  A clean pond is not only nicer to look at, it discourages parasites or harmful bacteria from colonizing that may put fish at risk.

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