Masonry Heater for Radiant Heat

Why is a Masonry Heater a more comfortable and efficient home heating source? The answer to that question is simply RADIANT HEAT! Have you ever walked outside on a cool morning and felt the amazing warmth of the sun on your face? Imagine being able to have that amazing feeling inside your home.Radiant Heat Masonry Heaters are designed to hold warmth and expel radiant thermal heat while warming up all the mass in your home. What is true thermal comfort? Thermal comfort occurs when a satisfactory thermal balance exists between a person and their physical environment. In your home environment, the raising and lowering of air temperatures is the conventional way to adjust the temperature for comfort. During the summer months an air conditioning system can positively affect the balance by lowering air temperature and during the winter, when a home heating system raises the air temperature, the same thermal comfort factors are affected but the results are very inconsistent.

Masonry Heater DiagramWouldn’t it be nice if you could always feel the comfort of radiant heat throughout your house and not have to deal with forced air for heating your home? The diagram shows how these Masonry Heaters efficiently work. We believe that the best method for heating a home would be to use a unit that delivers radiant heat to your rooms surfaces in the same way the sun heats the earth. As these surfaces absorb the heat, the radiant temperature rises and radiant heat loss from a person’s body will diminish. The air is then heated by the rooms surfaces and the temperature is able to remain steady and even while delivering a comfortable consistent radiant heat. These units are family friendly and an amazing way to heat your home.

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Masonry Heaters

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