8 Fall Pond Maintenance Tips for Chester County

Fall Pond Maintenance TipsAs the local stores stock their shelves with Halloween decorations and trick-or-treat candy it is a sure sign that the need for Fall Pond Maintenance is on its way.  Whether you tackle this job yourself or you hire a professional here are some fall pond maintenance tips to keep in mind when performing Fall Pond Maintenance.

Fall Pond Maintenance Tips:

  • Gather all the supplies you need and place them close to the pond.  It is incredibly frustrating to have to climb out of your pond multiple times for forgotten supplies!
  • Dress appropriately; hip waders work well
  • Remove all debris from the pond
  • Cut back hardy aquatic plants
  • Remove tropical aquatic plants; discard, or place in containers if appropriate
  • Clean filtration equipment
  • Install PVC plastic pipes arced with rebar anchors over the pond
  • Cover with pond netting and secure with pins into the ground

Fall Pond Maintenance TipsFall is also the time to start monitoring your pond’s water temperature.  Fifty degrees is the point at which you should stop feeding your fish.  Fish cannot digest their food properly once the water temperature falls below 50 degrees, so feeding them is harmful and may cause health issues. To learn more about feeding your fish click here!

Lastly, keeping your pond clean with minimal debris prevents decaying matter from discoloring the water and minimizes production of potentially harmful gases that can affect fish when the pond freezes over in winter.  A clean pond is not only nicer to look at, it discourages parasites or harmful bacteria from colonizing that may put fish at risk.

Fall Pond Maintenance TipsWhether you are a DIY or you hire professionals, Fall Maintenance, if done correctly, will help your fish over winter and will insure a healthier pond in the spring.  Removing debris and cutting back plants can improve water quality dramatically, and it is important to the overall health of your pond and your fish to be sure this integral service is performed each year before the autumn leaves fall. 

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