Distylium hybrids

Our gardeners are special people who have an abiding appreciation for nature. We also know they want something wonderful and different in their gardens. We now have that for them with Distylium hybrids! Both Blue Cascade and Emerald Heights are exciting new evergreens, with impressive attributes!

These Distylium hybrids are compact, evergreen, disease- and insect-resistant shrubs for full sun to partial shade. They are heat and drought tolerant, wet soil tolerant, and are an excellent deer resistant replacement for cherry laurels, junipers and hollies. Small, reddish maroon flowers add late winter interest. Zones 6 to 9.

Distyliums are members of the witchhazel family and are essentially unknown in American gardens. The breeding program started in 2006 and the plants in the photographs are now in their 6th growing season. They have withstood some of the highest temperatures on record and withstand drought as well as exceedingly moist soils. The breeder believes gardeners, landscapers, and landscape architects have been waiting for novel broadleaf evergreens to serve as alternatives to the time-honored foundation plantings.
All selections are hybrids of D. myricoides × D. racemosum.

Distylium Selections: for more information see www.gardenersconfidence.com

Blue Cascade
The foliage for Blue Cascade is a matte blue-green and has a cascading, layered habit. It has a compact height of 3′ with a 4′ spread of upright leaves.



Emerald Heights
The Emerald Heights foliage is dark green, glossy and is attractive year round. This plant reaches 5′ in height with a 5′ spread.

Both have reddish-maroon flowers in late January through March add interest during the winter months. Both are essentially maintenance free but for minor tip pruning in late winter after bloom or in June to stimulate new growth and denser form. Shrubs generally may be pruned to maintain smaller size.