Aeroponics a Sustainable Way to Grow Fruits and Vegetables

Aeroponics What is that and how does it work, seems to be the most popular question that we get when people see our displays. Aeroponics is a sustainable way to grow almost anything without having to use soil; yes we are telling you that you can successfully grow plants, fruits and vegetables without any soil. These amazingly engineered units have been developed for residential and commercial applications, to allow you to have a garden without all the mess and maintenance that is typically required.

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How do these systems work? The AERO grow system consists of vertical columns that dispense the nutrient-rich water through a distribution cap at the top of the unit that then distributes it to the grow cups which are staggered on all sides of the columns. Aeroponics-RockwoolThe grow cups house the plant beds that are made from Rockwool; these Rockwool grow cups are what allow the roots to grow without limitation down to the center of the column. Rockwool is a spun molten rock that is made into a matted fiber to house your plants safely. The AERO grow system recycles the nutrient rich water from a reservoir tank, which conserves the water while still providing the plants with the proper nutrients at intermittent cycles to grow healthy sustainable plants.

AeroponicsOne of the reasons that we love these AERO grow systems so much is because we never have to say goodbye to our beloved fruits and vegetables in the cold winter months. These systems are so easily adaptable, they can be used both inside and outside. All you have to do is unplug your system and transport it inside for the winter months, that way you get to continue growing the safe and healthy food that your family loves.

This video from our Manufacturer will show you how amazing and easy to use these AERO grow systems are!

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