Our Team

no-image-mJASON TURPIN
Jason, oldest of the brothers, is the company’s CEO with visual capacity and talent to create designs for complete outdoor spaces. He works closely with our Water Feature Construction Crew to convey his ideas for ponds and pondless waterfall projects and strategically works towards transitioning levels for interaction with a natural feel.

Sometimes clients are surprised to hear that Jason got hooked on pond construction in an unusual way. Another contractor came to Jason’s high school to do a “Ponds for Kids” construction project. After working alongside the guy all day, he came home to announce to mom that he wanted to build ponds, and her response was, “You want to do what?!!!” The rest is history!

Jason is married to his wife, Sarah, and they have three boys, Joey, Kyle and Logan. Their family was excited in 2014 to build their own pond, with two tier patio, fire pit, landscaping and lighting with the help of our experienced crew, of course! Seeing how much this atmosphere can dramatically change the family dynamic with the kids wanting to be gathered around the fire instead of inside playing video games only makes Jason want to share it more and create this style of environment for others to enjoy.

no-image-mCHAD TURPIN
Chad, only twenty-one months younger than his brother Jason, has always liked to build things. As a young child, he could never have enough Lego blocks to build with, always wanting to create something new and more exciting than his last project. He puts his endless talent and diverse skills to good use in creating one of kind projects for our clients using stone, wood and metal; and whatever else a handcrafted amenity may require! Sinks operated with foot pedals, tractor seat bar stools, custom gate hinges and latches, to Lucite child friendly railings and outdoor television cabinetry, there is no limit to his creativity.

Most of the masonry applications are what you may expect but are not limited to: patios, walkways, fireplaces, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, pavilions and decks. Along with operating construction projects comes owning and managing the property where Turpin Landscaping operates from, which means Chad also is in charge of logistics for all vehicles, equipment and building structures, and is often the first to meet the crew in the morning.

Well rounded experiences from working with machinists, golf course turf management, plumbing and even farming, have taught Chad what it is like to work with Mother Nature and water flow. He has become our resident drainage expert and now also operates Eco-Drainage Solutions.

Chad and his wife Cathy have four children, three boys and a girl; Chad, Grace, Gabriel and Xavier. Besides raising their family and owning half the business, Chad manages to focus his bonus energy on his vegetable garden and renovating his house. What once was just a rear deck is now part of their custom kitchen, and what was only a front porch now wraps around the side of the house for outdoor entertaining that is an extension of the inside. A countertop bar extends from the inside to out on the porch with a large window that cranks up to open the spaces. The appliances in the kitchen are well concealed and the finishes and craftsmanship have been chosen carefully so the space appears to be old although it is new.

Becky, mother of Jason and Chad is the plant specialist for Turpin Landscaping. She got hooked on plants at an early age of eight years old, and her addictive habit has led to thousands of plant installations for the company. Becky has a good eye for combinations of color and texture which is extremely beneficial when creating interesting landscapes, or even container gardens.

We are proud to share that appreciative clients are thrilled to hand over the reins of their gardens and allow Becky and our Landscape Division to enhance and maintain their properties. With more than forty years of experience working with plants personally and professionally, her recommendations are respected and the visual appeal speaks for itself. Becky personally selects all of the plant material that is available for purchase at Turpin Pond Source and that is installed for customers by our Technicians.

Becky also has a hand in our marketing photographing and writing about our services and projects. Videos and blog posts are being developed to share our website and social media sources. She hosts hundreds of visitors to see her pond and garden every year for the Brandywine Water Garden Tour and shares plant tips.

When it’s time for family activities, her youngest son Jeremy along with his wife and three children come into play with the rest of the clan listed in Jason and Chads stories. Ten grandchildren and three couples along with Becky’s parents quickly fill the house. Maybe that’s why we thrive in creating outdoor living spaces!

Tammy initially came to know the Turpin Landscaping Family as a pond maintenance customer. She with her husband Steve decided to renovate their original pond and that led to her connection when our team was growing. Her water garden experiences and love of plants, along with her outgoing personality are a good fit here at Turpin Landscaping.

She and Steve have two daughters who live a significant distance away so she is always anxious to meet new people. This couple also opens their outdoor space to guests attending the annual water garden tour. Often this is when Tammy actually meets people she has spoken to over the phone. Customers that visit Turpin Pond Source also have the pleasure of meeting her.

Tammy has three beautiful granddaughters, enjoys traveling, her pond and gardening, reading and knitting. She is active in our Brandywine Valley Water Garden Association to plan and host the tour both personally and professionally.

no-image-mJOE CARLISLE
Joe has returned to Turpin Landscaping after working as a school director abroad for a few years. He and Chad went to school together and Joe was one of the first employees over ten years ago, and was Chad’s best man when Chad and Cathy were married. The point to be made is that Joe is not the rooky at TLI. He is a longtime trustworthy friend that is interested in all aspects of our business.

When Joe returned to the United States and sought employment it was time to gear up for the spring cleanout season, and he literally and figuratively jumped in with both feet! Always seeking knowledge and wanting to please clients, Joe learned quickly how to do the best job possible as our Pond Maintenance Technician in 2014 and exceeded customer expectations.

Helping others, travel, learning about other cultures, tasting new foods and riding off road vehicles such as dirt bikes and ATV’s are among the things Joe enjoys doing. A well rounded individual with good ethics, Joe adds many levels of experience to our core Staff at Turpin Landscaping.

no-image-mJOHN FOSSETT
John is yet another key player in our Turpin Landscaping Staff that was connected in another way. He is active in his church leadership program where he originally met Chad. John enjoys working hard outdoors and came to us with experience in working at a local fence company which has quickly been a benefit for Turpin Landscaping and our clients. He has good carpentry, mechanical and other trade skills that make him a valuable technician in many aspects of our business. John has become our landscape lighting specialist too and has already installed hundreds of LED low voltage fixtures.

When not working, John enjoys spending time with his wife Lisa and four children. He prefers to be active rather than idle, and likes mountain biking, playing paintball and sports such as football. John likes to compete too which motivates him to do the best job he can every day.

Nancy has come to us with administrative experience in corporate manufacturing and has expertise in aspects of Human Resources and Bookkeeping. She joined our team with goals of working closer to home doing something she enjoys. Nancy has earned awards and has been acknowledged for her hard work and achievements so she has much to offer in staff support and customer service.

She and her husband Joe are proud parents of three children, two daughters and a son. Nancy loves to entertain her family and friends, is a terrific cook, and enjoys searching for antiques, traveling and reading. She has discerning artistic abilities that are useful in many aspects of projects at home and in the office.

Nancy also is very inquisitive and loves to learn and eagerly takes on challenges. These are some of her attributes in which we were enticed by her and look forward to getting to know her better. She also has experience as an event coordinator that should be helpful with the annual Brandywine Water Garden Tour and other festivities at Turpin Landscaping.

Turpin Landscaping is fortunate to have an experienced, friendly, talented crew that we treat as extended family. So much so that recently some of us had the privilege of visiting them in Mexico and meeting all of their families. For some of these terrific guys, this is their tenth season with us and that is almost unheard of in our industry! The crew is recruited each year legally with Passports and Temporary Work Visas because they are here eight months of the year and return to Mexico for the off season December through March.
They obtain Social Security Cards and pay taxes and our vehicle operators have a valid Driver’s License.

We provide English Lessons for our crew weekly at our facility by a certified instructor and beginner and advanced levels. As students, they need to practice which is encouraged daily. The guys work hard and are very friendly so they often bond well with our clients which are reflected in some of our testimonials.