Common Lies about your Koi Pond

Over the years we have heard just about every misconception there is about koi ponds, and how these common lies about your koi pond have made people turn down the idea of installing one. We are here to set the record straight and hopefully change peoples’ perception about koi ponds that these lies have created.

A koi pond should be located in the lowest part of your yard!

Koi PondThis is probably the worst location for your investment because of the run-off that can creep its way into your pond. When your pond is positioned near your house, you can take in the beauty and tranquility of your pond when entertaining friends or lounging on your patio. In addition, nothing compares to being able to wake up and see a gorgeous koi pond right outside your window while you are enjoying your morning coffee.

You can’t be a koi hobbyist and a water gardener

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Check out our Aquascape Spillway Bowls in Paoli and Downingtown

The Aquascape Spillway Bowls and Basin set can be installed as a standalone disappearing water feature, or as several spillway bowls linked together for an amazing display.  The Aquascape Spillway Bowls can be easily added to any existing pond or pool creating an beautiful waterfall.  The possibilities are endless with this decorative water feature.  The Aquascape Spillway Bowls can easily be installed to an existing landscape or to create a new area to love.  When you add any water feature to your landscape, something amazing happens!  Water is key to all living things and it’s truly mesmerizing and relaxing to be around.

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Are Underwater Pond Lights Harmful to Fish?

Underwater Pond LightsImagine sinking into your favorite patio chair and finally propping your feet up by the pond as the sun slowly disappears for the day. Now imagine not having to move as it begins to get darker. Watch as your pond takes on a new life as the twinkle of your Underwater Pond Lights automatically turn on. You can catch a glimmer of your favorite koi dancing around light beams just under the pond’s surface. Your entire day now seems to gently disappear, as you become entranced in the beauty and relaxation of your pond’s Underwater Pond Lights.

Interested in Landscape Lighting and Underwater Pond Lights working together?

Underwater Pond LightingWith the way we all stay so busy, it can be difficult to enjoy your pond during the day. Underwater Pond Lights create a whole new experience for you to enjoy your pond after the sun goes down.

We like consistency and we like using products that we trust; that is why we use and recommend the Aquascape LED Underwater Pond Lights. These lights use approximately 80-90% less electricity and last 10 times longer than their halogen counterparts. This is especially beneficial in a water garden setting where a submerged light can be difficult to access if needed.

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Low Maintenance Fountains installed by Turpin Landscaping in Chester County PA

low maintenance fountainsFountains aren’t just for museums or quaint little town squares anymore, they’re for everyone. When a water feature is added to a garden, it can change the entire look and feel of your property. What was at first an ordinary garden, with the addition of a low maintenance fountain; you now have your own outdoor retreat! Today’s Low Maintenance Fountains installed by Turpin Landscaping in Chester County PA means having a fountain on your property is a fast, affordable way to update your landscaping. Most free standing low maintenance fountains can be professionally installed in just one day or less. [Read more…]

My Pond in Downingtown Pa is The Best Gift Ever

pond downingtown paWhat is the best gift you have ever received? How many gifts do you still actually LOVE as much as you did when you first received them? I know what my favorite gift was, and it’s one that I won’t ever forget….MY POND in Downingtown Pa! I was given my very own personal paradise that I can enjoy and share through the seasons, year after year. [Read more…]