How Much Does Landscaping Cost? Looking to Finance your Outdoor Dreams? Turpin Landscaping in Philadelphia PA has options for you.

Patios FinancingWhether it involves an outdoor patio space that accentuates your backyard terrain or an island patio that appears to “float” in your backyard, the skilled craftsman at Turpin Landscaping can design the patio of your dreams. SO… How Much Does Landscaping Cost?

Patios Starting at $8,500.00

~Starting as low as $107.00 a month~

Pondless Waterfalls FinancingHave you ever heard the saying keep it simple? Waterfalls are the best of both options for those who desire the sight and sound of water but do not want fish, water lilies, or maintenance.

Pondless Waterfalls Starting at $6,000.00

~Starting as low as $75.00 a month~ [Read more…]

How to Plant Aquatic Plants in your Koi Pond in Chester County and Montgomery County

Aquatic Plants Koi PondIt’s the amazing aquatic plants that put the “garden” in “water garden.” From colorful water lilies that dance on the pond’s surface to aquatic Forget-Me-Nots that hug the edges of your water garden, aquatic plants play an important role in the eco-system and put on an ever-changing show while they’re at it. When adding aquatic plants, you can apply many of the same tips and guidelines you use to create your terrestrial flower beds.  Color, height, and planting conditions are things you’ll want to consider when it comes to naturalizing your pond with plants.

We gardeners vary as much as the plant material we choose. While some may want to strategize their plan before shopping for aquatic plants, others buy what they like and figure out where to place them when they get home. These tips will be helpful either way.

To Learn More About What Aquatic Plants are Click Here!

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Creative Outdoor Planter Ideas

While the “Thriller-Filler-Spiller” design technique is a great way to get started Creative Outdoor Planter Ideason a beautiful container, there are other things to think about when considering plants for an exciting outdoor planter that will WOW your neighbors and guests. While the number one most important thing to think about when creating an outdoor planter is what plant will do well in your specific conditions (i.e. sun, shade, moisture levels, intended care etc.) there are two additional elements that can really add to your container creativity. They are: Color and Texture. Don’t be afraid to [Read more…]

Get Rid of String Algae (3 ways)

Many customers send us emails asking: “ what is the best way to get rid of string algae?” Also: “how do I get rid of string algae for ever?

For years our answer has been the same:
There simply isn’t one best way to get rid of string algae”.

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