Turpin Landscape Specializes in Custom Projects and Holiday Lighting

As the temperatures start to dip below the freezing mark we are often asked “What do you do during the winter months?” First and foremost of course, we do holiday lighting. This year we have chosen to start installing holiday lighting earlier, which will allow more time for installation than in previous years. This service has become more and more popular as we all love the look of outdoor holiday lighting but we don’t love the process.

holiday lighting installers in chester county paThere are many excellent reasons to leave the hassle of outdoor holiday lighting to the professionals; from time constraints, to shear frustration and of course safety; this is a job most would gladly pass on.  As we downsize our living space sometimes we find that there isn’t adequate storage for all of our holiday decorations; so having off-site storage can be a big help. As for installation, we are happy to install your holiday lighting using a photo from past years, or perhaps you have found a picture of a holiday lighting scene that you would like to recreate. You may also chose to start from scratch with one of our designers and come up with something unique that appeals to your personal taste.

holiday lighting installers in chester county paOne of the best reasons to allow professionals to handle this job is that we offer a lifetime warranty to our clients. That means as long as we install, remove and store your holiday lights they will be guaranteed for a lifetime! Regardless of your decorating style or the reasons behind your decision to leave this tedious job to the professionals, we believe that freeing up precious holiday time gives you more time to spend with friends and family enjoying the holidays, and isn’t that the best gift you can give your family and yourself?

Once the holidays have come and gone we are able to actually start “indoor projects.” Although we install Tulikivi stoves all year long, we tend to do more installations in the colder months, and it makes sense as we associate heat sources with the colder weather. We have become truly passionate about these beautiful stoves. There are many styles to choose from and custom upgrades are always available.

Radiant Heat

We love the radiant heat that is admitted by the soapstone exteriors of these low carbon heaters. Not only is soapstone an excellent source of heat generation but the subtle hues of grey are the perfect accompaniment to our current love of grey used as a neutral color. Tulikivi stoves do a fabulous job of heating your house and they have a very low carbon output. Many homeowners opt for the cooking ovens; if you enjoy cooking and baking why not let your heat source do double-duty! You can cook, bake and heat up just about anything. In the past these ovens were used primarily for pizzas, but not anymore! Just as our culinary interests have expanded, so has the interest in cooking in masonry heaters. If you are interested in learning more about these eco-friendly heaters, click here.

Masonry Heaters

Other projects that Turpin Design/Build tackles during the off-season are bathroom renovations. As you are probably aware, Turpin has always specialized in water so it is a natural progression to move inside when the weather prevents us from working outdoors. Custom bathrooms, complete with extraordinary tile work has kept us busy and flourishing for the past couple of years. So if you have an indoor project in mind and would like to discuss it with one of our team leaders feel free to give us a call at the office. We have onsite designers to help you from conception to completion.

Now you know what the gang at Turpin’s does during the colder months. We hope that you will consider having your holiday lights upgraded or even having a bathroom or two renovated. Don’t forget to visit us at the Philly Home & Garden Show in Oaks, PA in February to get your annual spring inspiration.

Landscape Contractor in Chester County Wins Best in ShowLandscape Contractor in Chester County Wins Best in ShowLandscape Contractor in Chester County Wins Best in Show

Plan your Pond Restoration in Chester County

Pond Restoration can mean many things to pond owners, if you are considering a pond restoration than you obviously have an existing pond onsite in need of attention.  One reason for the restoration might be that you inherited the pond with a home purchase.  Another possibility is that it’s simply time for a restoration, and many restorations turn into renovations, too.

It is fairly common for us to be contacted by new homeowners that find themselves the owner of a pond restorationwater feature and they have no idea what to do or where to turn but they know that they would like a pond restoration.  More often we have homeowners who have decided it is time to think about a pond restoration to enhance or expand their existing pond or perhaps add a waterfall or bog filter.  All of these changes are considered a pond restoration.

There is a saying that pertains to pond owners and statics prove this to be true.  Most pond owners in their lifetime own an average of three ponds or water features.  The first pond or aquatic container garden is the “starter pond”, the second is the pond that they thought they wanted, and the third pond is what they ultimately wanted all along.  Maybe it was initially due to space or financial limitations, but the great part about water gardens is that you are never stuck with what you have!

Pond Restoration can be done at almost any time of year; by combining the homeowner’s interests and the pond professionals’ creativity, the sky’s the limit on possibilities to restore or upgrade your pond.  Some pond owner’s may think that they are limited by space but don’t let that deter you.  Ponds and pondless waterfalls can be adapted to almost any area by turning obstacles into opportunities!

pond restorationAlso, as pond technology evolves, pond filtration systems and products also improve.  What might have been a large unsightly external filtration system that resembled pool equipment years ago, can now be a much more contained system with the combination of mechanical and biological filtration.  Aquatic plants have also improved and with knowledge and personal experience the selection of pond plants has increased dramatically.  Many new varieties are available every year.  Consider trying  at least one new plant or a tropical flowering plant each year.   

Pond Restoration does not mean the complete pond needs to be uprooted; sometimes just a specific area needs attention.  Adding a waterfall can be a restoration that does not always involve the entire perimeter of the pond.  The addition of a waterfall certainly adds a WOW factor to any pond, even a small one.  Adding boulders to your pond can add an architectural element as well as safety, if the original pond was built with loose stacked stones surrounding the perimeter.  Verticality is a design element that should always be considered when doing any project, be it inside or outside your home.  It is often over-looked when creating an outdoor life style but it is an important element that can be added at any time with plants or waterfalls without much disruption to your pond.

There are unlimited ways to implement a pond restoration.  Be sure to consider naturalization and creativity when planning your pond restoration and it will add beauty and tranquility to your outdoor living space for years to come.  Lastly, if you are planning a pond restoration see if you are able to visit properties with ponds or even attend a Pond Tour if they offer them in your area.  Seeing what other pond owners have done to enhance the pond lifestyle can be one of the best ways to obtain knowledge and be truly inspired!

Check out our pond restoration gallery to see an amazing transformation!

Decorating Christmas Wreaths with the Turpins

Decorating Christmas Wreaths

Last year we held our first Christmas Wreath Decorating Workshop at Turpin’s and we had so much fun, we are going to do it again this year. Our Landscape Division took the lead on this workshop. Becky and Katie taught us the basic of decorating Christmas wreaths and then the fun began.  Saturday morning December 2, 2017 we will once again be opening up our workshop and filling it with the Christmas spirit and oh so much more. We will crank up the Christmas music, simmer the hot apple cider and whip up some Christmas inspired treats to be all set for you to decorate Christmas wreaths at the Turpin’s.

Look at the fun we had last year!

We will provide the necessary accoutrements all you need to bring is your Christmas spirit, unless you choose to bring some personal treasures to add to your wreath. Multitudes of live greens, Magnolia leaves, and other natural items aplenty will all add texture and interest to the beautifully fragrant handmade mixed green wreathes from our home state of Pennsylvania. Pine cones, silver and gold sparkly do-dads and lots of Christmas embellishments from classic, to country and even some lodge inspired decorations are available for the young and old alike to customize your wreath to your own personnel colors and style.

Decorating Christmas WreathsBring your friends and join us as we decorate Christmas wreaths to kick off this holiday season on Saturday morning, December 2, 2017 with family and friends. As the workshop winds down it is fascinating to walk around and see at all the different styles and creative decorative Christmas wreaths that were made during this fun-filled hands on workshop. FYI – the Jingle Bells Song Trivia was MUCH harder than you would have ever thought!

Register now for our Decorating Christmas Wreaths Event

Turpin Landscaping’s Crew is one of the Best Holiday Lighting Installers in Chester County PA

Of all of the holiday traditions, none are as time consuming and difficult as the annual hanging of lights. Hanging lights can often mean frustrating hours spent untangling strands, testing and replacing burned out bulbs, and the scary task of climbing up a ladder in freezing cold weather. If you have ever felt overwhelmed with putting up lights during the holidays, maybe this is the year that you start to think about having the holiday lighting installers in Chester County PA set up your holiday lighting professionally. With all of the things going on this time of year, wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate this from your to-do-list?

holiday lighting installers in chester county paHere are some of the advantages of having someone else deal with your holiday lighting. [Read more…]

Evening Water Garden Tour 2017

DSC_9344This year the Autumnal Equinox takes place on Friday, September 22.  It is easy to see why for some folks, Autumn is their favorite season!  Eight days after the official start of fall we will be hosting our annual Evening Water Garden Tour on Saturday, September 30th from 5:00pm – 11:00pm.

This fall tour features an eclectic array of gorgeous properties beneath a stellar September sky.  The moon and the stars won’t be the only illumination on this special evening.  Each property will include a beautiful water feature; a pond, a pondless waterfall, or fountain, all illuminated by an array of lighting techniques. From integrated LED fixtures, bullet lighting, pathway and deck lighting, laser lights, up-lighting and underwater lights; all energy efficient and low voltage, there will be many different examples of ways to extend your outdoor living season.  Besides adding beauty to your property, lighting also adds to your home’s value and creates additional security.

DSC_9325This festive tour will include a progressive dinner al fresco for attendees throughout the evening.  As we travel by bus we will enjoy hors d’oeuvres, beverages, a main course, and dessert and coffee, each served at a different featured location.  Attendees will marvel at the unique outdoor vignettes that each of our homeowners has created.  It is our hope that attendees will find inspiration as they travel from location to location in the guided bus.  The lure of outdoor dining seems to be primeval, much like the draw of the warmth from a burning fireplace or fire pit.  We seem to gravitate to this outdoor lifestyle like moths to a flame. 

This year’s 2017 Evening Water Garden Tour is anticipated to be a sellout, so if you are interested in attending, please reserve your tickets as soon as possible by clicking here!  Check out photos of previous tours by clicking here!  This is truly a magical night that we are sure you will thoroughly enjoy!